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Рубрика: Политика, Актуелно, Свет    Аутор: новинарство    675 пута прочитано    Датум: 10.02.2008    Одштампај
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CenzuraBloger Daily Kos u svom malo starijem postu pobrojao je 7 ključnih BBC-jevih dokumentaraca nikad prikazanih na američkoj televiziji, a za koje smatra da prikazuju kako su američka i britanska javnost tretirani kao ovce još od Prvog svjetskog rata.

Tako epizoda ‘The Century of the Self’ počinje s nećakom Sigmunda Freuda, Edwardom Bernaysom koji je bio propagandist u Prvom svjetskom ratu te je prepakirao propagandu u “odnose s javnošću”.

Herbert Hoover primijenio je njegove ideje kako bi od Amerikanaca stvorio potrošače koje je industrija trebala, a Joseph Goebbels je prikazan dok objašnjava kako su iste te Bernaysove ideje iskorištene da bi se od Nijemaca stvorilo naciste.

Sve popisane epizode polinkane su s videima koje se može pogledati online.

Izvor: Monitor.hr


Essential BBC documentaries not shown on US TV

Sat Dec 22, 2007 at 06:47:29 PM PST

Adam Curtis exposes the public manipulation we sense but usually don’t understand. His BBC documentaries are legendary in Britain but practically unknown in the US. An American network executive who wouldn’t even let his name be used said “we would be crucified if we showed that here”. These documentaries are like a graduate course in how the American and British public has been herded like cattle since the end of World War I.Each episode is about an hour and all are jaw dropping-ly insightful. Adam Curtis other BBC Documentaries, The Trap, The Mayfair Set, and Pandoras Box build on The Century of the Self and the Power of Nightmares.

The Century of the Self episode 1 begins with, Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays. He went from Enrico Caruso’s publicist to WW1 propagandist and repackaged propaganda as “public relations”. Herbert Hoover applied his ideas to turn Americans into the consumers industry needed. Joseph Goebbels, is shown explaining how Bernays’ same ideas were used to turn the Germans into Nazi’s.
The Century of the Self episode 2 begins with Sigmund Freud’s daughter, Anna. Studies of traumatized soldiers in WW2 showed their upbringing made them psychologically vulnerable. Anna Freud popularized the idea that imposing conformity strengthened the ego. Thus leading to the conformity of the 50′s.The Century of the Self episode 3 shows the overthrow of Anna Freud’s ideas and reverses them with the idea that it is society that is sick and individuals need to free themselves of it. Thus the counter culture and the self actualization movement. Industry no longer wanted to make standard products, they married their new products with expressing individuality. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs provided a model for this and was used to elect Ronald Reagan.

The Century of the Self episode 4 shows how the public had become consumers of politics in the same way they had earlier become consumers of products. Focus groups determine policy, first for the Right, and then, to survive, for the Left, especially, Bill, Hillary, and Tony Blair.

The Power of Nightmares episode 1 is about the ideological revulsion to the consumer society created by industry and public relations. Simultaneously, Sayyid Qutb resolved to purge the Muslim world of Western consumerism while Leo Strauss resolved to make consuming Americans Crusaders for freedom around the world. Ayman Zawahiri was a student of Qutb and Paul Wolfowitz was a student of Strauss.

The Power of Nightmares episode 2 shows Bin Laden and the Neo cons fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan and how the Soviet collapse left both without an enemy to herd their public with.

The Power of Nightmares episode 3 shows how 911 was used to give those “with the most fear, the most power” and how the Neo cons recreated the terrorist threat.

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