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Рубрика: Актуелно, Религија, Свет    Аутор: новинарство    пута прочитано    Датум: 4.11.2009    Одштампај
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Heresy of Ecumenism at WorkAn introductory lecture in Dogmatics by Serbian Bishop Ignatius Midich at the Theological Faculty in Belgrade, 23,X,07
In Conclusion of this lecture.

V. Rev. Radoslav Filipovich, October 12, 2009


“The chief principal, cardinal problem of mankind (human hood) and the entire creation is Death. Death is not the result (consequence) of sin, as it was mistakenly (erroneously) thought in Christianity, (the) death is in the very nature of everything that has been created and death has no relation with good and evil. Therefore, it is wrong to emphasize sin as cardinal problem of mankind, redemption from sin, cross, suffering, repentance, moral pureness, keeping God’s commandments, in order to be forgiven of our sins.

In general, it is wrong to ever think that men have done something sinful against God and that it was a reason the Son of God got incarnated. On the contrary, ethical philosophy (morals) are subject to constant change and, therefore, Christianity viewed from that perspective (thus understood!)-as fulfilling God’s commandments is the theology which cannot hold water, and is not just wrong, but is rather enormously damaging to the church, catastrophically detrimental to it, destroys her to the tragic consequences, undermining its’ very existence.

Fulfillment of God’s commandments is not an utmost goal of Christianity; Christianity can not solve problems and in that way it only sinks us deeper in mire of the problems, creating a vortex (around us) with us in its’ center. That is an erroneous belief of the past centuries, which has pushed back Christianity on the margins of the civilization and history, because of which Christianity has lost its important role in society. We must not allow the faith to be permeated ( imbued) by such bygone times, in which are mentioned: sin, suffering, cross, redemption, forgiveness, moral correctness and fulfillment of God’s commandments, but we ought to direct Christianity toward the future (eschaton) in which the only commemoration will be thanksgiving- the Eucharist . In the Orthodox Church there are some bishops who are imbued in the past, which is a negative attitude, but we are lucky, there are also those who are facing(looking into) the future and that is a positive attitude.

The students of Theology ought to be on this side, on the Positive escatological direction, to become “ watchmen” over it and to emphasize it as the only correct one. In order to better prepare themselves for this task they need not repeat what the church had to say, what Jesus Christ , the apostles and the Holy Fathers have said; they need only to interpret their words, to be precise: to read the interpretations in the modern (contemporary) theological literature, specifically in the books of Metropolitan Zizjuas.”

The following comments by the Very Rev. Radoslav Filipovich….

This is a global attack on Christianity in general (by an Orthodox Bishop) particularly he assaults the Orthodox church teachings, the Holy Fathers-not to mention Christ! Such a broad and conspicuous act on faith, may be analogous only to all the attacks upon the church throughout the first several centuries in which our Orthodox faith was impeccably formulated and firmly preserved by (thousand, perhaps millions) of martyrs to this day.

Is this bishop a Satan’s forerunner? And what are the other (46) Serbian Bishops doing? They remain silent! Accept, perhaps two! The rest of them either sympathize with this heretic bishop or they are men of the same mind. They deny themselves…“having the mind of Christ” (ICor.2,16), as they in their one mindedness with the Heretic” give their power and authority to the beast” (Revelation 17,13)

V. Rev. Radoslav Filipovich
October 12, 2009

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  1. Vey short sighted views of christianity!
    The goodwhere book says „Thou shalt love thy god with all your might and your whole capability and being“ that means youse aint got time to stuff around and look around for alternatives, means follow what has been said originally and don’t think up excuses. That’s exactly what these „Новотарци“ promulgate. They are what I call Weekend Warriors they think up thousands of ways of making the worshipping of God interesting, instead if they were serious about the business there aint nothing else.

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