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Рубрика: Политика, Актуелно, Религија, Србија, Друштво, Европа    Аутор: Владислав Б.Сотировић    пута прочитано    Датум: 26.01.2010    Одштампај
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alija_281.jpgRecently a member expert team of Southeast Europe to combat terrorism and organized crime Dževad Galijasević warned that the Wahhabis

Владислав Б. Сотировић, 25.01.2010


and members of terrorist organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina smooth conduct their activities in the city of Sarajevo and especially in the city mosque of King Fahd. Also recently the Wahhabis have been beating an imam (Muslim preast) in Kosovo. These two events turn our attention once again to the Wahabbis who became known in Serbia as attempting to oganize in 2007 an classical terror act in Serbian capital Belgrade.

On January 15 2008 in special state court of Serbia started in Belgrade a court procedure against a group of militant Muslims from southern Serbian province of Raška. A group is accused for planning a terrorist acts in Belgrade in the style of „Al-Qaida“. However, regardless to the fact that this Wahabbi group is last year sentenced by Serbian court the public attention to this event is out of any serious importance.

Planned Terror Act in Belgrade

On December 5th 2008 Serbian state security forces arrested in Serbia’s southern region of Raška (populated by mixed Serb Orthodox and Bošnjak Muslim inhabitants) 15 members of a Islamic Wahhabi terror group which originally comes from Saudi Arabia. They have been charged by the Serbian authorities for planning terror attacks on various locations in the Serbia’s capital Belgrade that were to include bombings of the US Embassy in Serbia as well. According to the indictment, the arrested Muslims have engaged in terror planning and the evidence includes confiscated weapons, various communication intercepts between the Wahhabi members inside Serbia, Bosnia and Saudi Arabia and detailed maps with specific markings for potential targets. According to the Belgrade prosecutor office, the indicted Wahhabis have established a close network with the similarly minded individuals, commanders, ideologues and mentors abroad – in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria and Saudi Arabia, with whom they were communicating through telephones, email and otherwise, and through the recorded commands on CDs.

The 15 Muslim men that are charged are led by Bošnjak Senad Ramović from the city of Novi Pazar located in the Serbian southern region of Raška where rival Muslim groups have recently engaged in mutual violence. The authorities in Serbia issued the statement that Senad Ramović was planning, among other terrorist acts to assassinate the rival Muslim leader Mufti Muamar Zukorlić. One of the accused, Senad Vjeselović, also from Raška, told that the group was in close contact with various radicals in Mecca and Madina, both in Saudi Arabia, who were transmitting orders from Sheiks on whether Mufti Zukorlić should be assassinated or not. Serbian authorities have also found maps in the confiscated computer owned by Mehmed Koljšija, a member of the terror group. The maps identified locations inside the city of Belgrade such as the National Theatre, Beogradjanka building (highest building in the Balkans), Hotel Park (all buildings in the down town) and the US Embassy (in the street of Knez Miloš). Serbian state security forces have also confiscated various weapons that can fully arm between 30 to 40 individuals.

Who are the Wahhabis?

110-mrtvisrbin.jpgThe Wahhabis or as they often call themselves „fighters for pure Islam“ have been active in Kosovo  since the early 90s and they are now running some 30 Kuran schools, Priština Albanian-language media reported, assessing that by their unimpeded activity after the war in 1999, the identity of the Albanian community is experiencing serious trials. By explicitly opposing any foreign cultural influence, Wahhabis are imposing their „exclusive teachings“ at funerals, circumcision rites and religious gatherings, contest the theory of natural or social occurrences and and offer in return their interpretation of the Sharia or the Kuran.

According to the Priština media a young man from Peć Elvis Goga is known as the chief mujahedin in Kosovo, and said that nongovernmnetal organisations, still active under the aegis of the Joint Saudi Committee for Aid to Kosovo and Chechnya, had contributed to the expansion of Wahhabism in Kosovo.
Nongovernmental organisations arrived in Kosovo after the war in 1999 and they are taking advantage of the poverty in Kosovo town suburbs, but also in a great measure in surrounding villages, respecting the Saudi government stand to stay active on the ground „as long as there is a need for that.“

Kosovo and international mujahedins are making preparations for a possible „revolt“ on the verge of solution for the status of Kosovo, adding that characteristic Wahabia personalities from the Islamic civilisation would come under the spotlight of great world media organisations.


Владислав Б. Сотировић

Оснивач и уредник онлајн магазина

Serbian Patriotic Front



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